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How COVID-19 Puts Pregnant People at Higher Risk

There are normal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy that put you at both higher-risk of getting COVID-19 and of having more serious complications if you do contract COVID-19. Dr. Iolanda Edsall discusses these challenges and how a COVID-19 vaccine can protect you and your unborn child.

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Video transcript

When women are pregnant, they're at a much higher risk of hospitalization, intensive care unit stay, needing to be mechanically ventilated. And they're at risk for poor obstetric outcomes.
We have seen mothers with COVID-19 infection who have died. We have seen babies from mothers infected with COVID-19 who have died in this community.
We are making firm recommendations that all patients should receive the vaccine.

Dr. Iolanda Edsall, MD, FACOG

Dr Iolanda Edsall

Dr. Edsall is a board-certified OB-GYN who has been in practice at OB GYN Associates in Reno, Nevada, since 2017. A native of Northern Nevada, Dr. Edsall is strongly invested in her community and devoted to the health and well-being of all Northern Nevada women.